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【ROG Phone 2 BETA Tester】Join to experience Android 10!

Community Manager
Community Manager
[Recruitment Period]
November 8, 2019 - till the application form is closed

[Beta Testing Period]
Will notify by email

[Which model are we looking for ?]
ROG Phone 2(ZS660KL)

[What are required to be a Beta Tester?]  
Own a ROG Phone 2(ZS660KL)
Be a member of ZenTalk and actively participate in the discussion of ZenFone on ZenTalk.
Be willing to provide detailed information including IMEI, Serial Number(SN), Current Firmware for the beta test setting 
Be able to read and provide feedback in English
Be familiar with Android operating system

[What will Beta Testers have?]
Get the latest firmware (Beta Version) by FOTA and experience the latest Zen UI features
Authorized to access the restricted board [Beta Testing]

[What are the responsibilities of a Beta Tester?]
Participate in every Beta version release and test on a daily basis
Report valid bugs with the correct format
Maintain confidentiality of the Beta Testing program
Be sure to post all beta-testing related issues in beta restricted board 

[How to Sign-up?]
Click the URL below and fill out the sign-up form. (If you are using a mobile device, please paste the URL to your browser to open the form)

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Rising Star I
Any news bout next update ?

Zen Master I

Any news bout next update ?

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Very very very close , this is the latest update about A10.

Rising Star II
I'm having a 4G speed issue with my WW ROG 2 on latest Beta.. If I switch to Airplane mode, then re-enable data, running speedtest straight after i get 220-240mb/s downloads.. After about 5 min and I run the test again (same servers, same location) i seem to get capped at 110-115mb/s.. If I repeat the same thing, the same thing happens.. Its as if the carrier is capping my downloads, or something in the ROG 2 is capping the downloads - maybe its slowing down to ensure a quality connection?? I don't know but its annoying!
I put my sim card in my wife's samsung phone and run the Speedtest in the same location, same servers, she hits around 170mb/s all the time - so i cant see my carrier is capping my downloads, therefore it has to be ROG 2 issue..
This never happened on Android 9 (WW firmware 64) btw. I actually had even higher speeds on Android 9 (off peak times it was hitting 280mb/s constantly..
Should I do a full wipe of the phone and try again? Or is this Asus fcuking with the baseband or something else??
FYI, I am running very minimal apps - WW stock + FB + messenger + war robots and snapseed. Nothing else is on the phone (except for music in storage). It does the same thing in safe mode too BTW...
Also another issue, is when a phone call comes through, the ring tone does not stop. I am using the default ring tone "TheForce_Alarm" and still happens. what default ring tone stops this issue??

Rising Star I
This is what happening when I try to change the password or add finger print or change the face id. (It shows too many attempts. Try again after 30 sec . Idk why that is not coming in the screen shot ) After 30 seconds the keyboard won't pop out to type in the password. I can't even reset the phone . Should I install a new rom manually or should I wait for the next update ?
On A10 Beta 8 now .

Star III
Uzi Glitch In PUBG Mobile 0.17 !
I reinstall the game but issue is same !
Android 10 beta 8 !
Forward it to developers ! So that they can fix it also the game is lagging like hell ! Fps drops like shit ! Sometimes i even think that is this really a gaming phone ?
Note** This glitch is only in rog 2 as other devices are working smooth ! Even with no lags and no uzi glitch !
Kindly work on it !