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Rog phone 2 Android 11 update

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So A11 is out on Chinese site but not on English one yet. However after using it for a day i face some problems. Im not complaining here, just wanna share my experience and maybe find a solution or two.

First, quick settings tiles are kinda laggy. Like fps toggle tile sometimes doesn't response and including some other tiles, they need more than a tap to toggle. Few tiles work a few seconds later. Then the animation. While locking the screen theres no animation.

The phn froze few times but then unfroze few seconds later, probably optimization issues and i hope devs will fix that soon.

Battery life seems fine but i cant tell much just after a day. Also im happy to see the new feature, charging limit.

The auto brightness thing might seem okay but i liked how the old one works. Yes the are more responsive but for me, a bit too responsive. Also i think they dont adopt to users taste like before.

On A11, its possible to mute separate apps from volume panel but not possible to adjust volume for separate apps. I dont actually know if thats available on stock A11 but i saw that somewhere and i hope we get that too.

As for preference im not sure if its better or worse i mean it feels the same as before. But i think there has to be some difference and i would like to know.

The haptics are not quite there like before or so i think.

Now, i had a problem and i hope i was the only one to face that. After updating i was shown file manager not responding and guess what, my image audio video no files were detected by the gallery nor file manager. But they were there. I ended up factory resetting and then things got normal.

Really hoping that the devs make this A11 perfect before ditching ROG phone 2.

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It is for Taiwan only.
I think Asus is doing regional updates to work out some bugs. Also, they need to make sure it works with carriers in other countries.

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Not getting Android 11 and my Rog 2 phone

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Same here ! No clue about when will WW will get the update , just wait wait n wait .

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rog phone 2 update11

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Got the official stable A11 (India)today.

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My battery capacity has increased after i updated to A11. It seems like A10 really had bad battery calibration. My battery had gone up from 4200mAh back to 5200mAh.

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Which way are you measuring battery Capacity? Using AccuBattery? Or any other way?