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Rog 2 Software Issues Android 10

Star I
I'm on Android 10 now along with newly released April 2020 patch and encountering these below issues since November 2019 when I was on Android 9.
1. Back and home touch sometimes doesn't respond basically phone hangs sometimes.
2. Fingerprint sensor is very slow and not very accurate.
3. Low brightness is not very low it's still pretty high as compared to other devices. It should smoothly and equally increase or decrease while sliding.
4. Camera software is not good at all. Having such good camera hardware along with bad software makes it not a good option.
5. Unable to change clock font or style on the lock screen.
6. Notification dots doesn't show proper colors as I have set white color for some apps but it blinks yellow color.
7. Volume should work seamless as volume becomes suddenly too low or too high just by pressing volume button one time up or down. Eg: Pressing volume from level 7 to 8, volume increases too much as compared to jumping from level 8 to 9 volume and so on.
8. Air triggers sensitivity sometimes doesn't work and needs to be squeezed hard to work. While setting the sensitivity it works well, but while switching to X Mode it requires very tight squeeze.
9. Notification on some app doesn't work, checked all settings but no luck.

Star II
Facing a low volume issue ever since I updated to Android 10. Any fixes on the same??