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[REAL] Phone Shutdown issue: ROG 2

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Model Name: ASUS ROG 2
Firmware Version: .103
Rooted or not: yes
Frequency of Occurrence: on using intense CPU / GPU bound tasks
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): App with heavy CPU / GPU usage (games, camera, video editor etc.,)
This issue is occurring on every device which experiences shutdown.
Main issue: phone shutting down upon CPU temp goes beyond 65 degrees (i was monitoring "cpu-1-4-usr" node, under thermal zone 11 can be found here (/sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone11/temp)
Issue 1 in stock 103. Armoury crate not working.
When I use Armoury crate to modify to the values to limit frequency of device to any value below 2.96, the device runs only at 2.96, i was not able to limit the frequency either with armoury crate or with kernel managers. when i ran GCam 8, the cpu 7 (prime core) ran at 2.96, even when I limited the cpu freq at 1.9 Ghz. After taking few hdr+ pics, the cpu temp rose till 65 degree and the device died.
(/sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone14/temp) from here i monitored the gpu temp and if, it reaches 65 degrees the device dies
Same goes for gpu, I cant limit the gpu frequencies too, when any game is played when device set at 90/120 hz, the device wont hold the clock speed.
Failed Troubleshooting:
I changed the temperature of thermal config [ASUS_THERM_NORMAL] (from 65000 to 75000 ) and checked (which is in /vendor/etc/thermal-engine.conf). Even after then the device was shutting down at 65 degrees.

Working solution.
when continuously for every (100 ms) replaced the cpu_max_freq when temperature reaching above 50 degrees (/sys/module/msm_performance/parameters/cpu_max_freq) with the file containing lower clock speed. I was able to throttle the device manually for few seconds which helps cpu temp to be below 60 degrees, which eventually helps preventing shutdown.
[i made a complex solution with tasker which lowers the cpu clock ( cpu_max_freq file) when temperature increases which does prevent shutdown for me]
I still dont know why the CPUs are not throttling by default and want to know if "power manager" class [Android thermal mitigation] shuts device down i need to know which thermal zone it listens to before shutting down the device to create solution.

I just need to know 1) why im not able to limit frequencies of cpu (in Armoury crate/ kernels)
2) what is causing the shutdown at 65 degrees(if it is emergency shut down from powermanager class, which reading it listens to before shutting down)
3) Could this be solved by OTA?

If any details are needed, Im happy to give it to you.

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Issue was first started in firmware version .49 and happens till now, and even does happen after when flashing raw A9 .64.

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