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Read before replacing PM81500 Chip " Restart Issue"

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG Phone II
Firmware Version: 17.0240.2103.78
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: Very high
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to the information above, please also provide as many details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
Guys Please I am not here again to roast someone and I am not a software engineer I am a physicist. My phone was also causing the restart problem very frequently like every time I close some app or scrolling the home screen or plugging the phone for charging. But recently I noticed something strange, whenever i was playing PUBG mobile my phone never had a single restart and that surprised me. I was playing PUBG on extreme performance settings (90fps ultra HD) so I started to play with phone`s settings like I put my phone on X mode-120 fps and after that I got no restart. Again I am not a programming or software expert. I was just messing with settings.
Here i am sharing some screen shots of battery usage which can show how many times i got the restart.

so firstly I charged my phone to 100% and turn on X mode and 120fps setting to see the problem. After the battery discharged 50% i turned of X mode but screen referesh rate was 120fps and I got first restart which is visible in screenshot. Next I reversed the settings, turned On X mode and decresed the referesh rate to normal 60fps. ( the above screenshot had been taken after the 120fps settings turned off, after reboot). till the power decreased to 1% no restarts.
In this pic you can notice one more restart which is again caused by turning off the X mode settings to conform this. since then i am running my phone on X mode continuously and surprisingly it didn`t restart till now even on charging.
Conclusion: so if I guess the restart problem is mainly because of software not the Hardware. again guys i am not an expert but please corss check this with your phone too whoever getting this problem before replacing your power IC.
thank you
ROG Phone has a GOD like hardware with shittty software

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When they say mb replacement they replaced your ic chip on the logicboard. As far as im aware they replace the power ic with a much stronger and reliable chip, so after this you shouldnt have any restart issues anymore.

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sir can you tell me which pm8150 i should buy.. i found different pm8150 so i kinda confuse which one the right i have to buy.. thanks

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sir can you tell me which pm8150 i should buy.. i found different pm8150 so i kinda confuse which one the right i have to buy.. thanks

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Pretty sure the rog2 uses the pm8150b chip. Just open your phone and look for yourself if you want to be 100% sure.

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Clueless user suggesting instead of replacing dying PM8150 make it die completely instead. I don't know why some people have this urge to come up with some stupid ideas how to somehow blame it on something else because they refuse to accept reality. It's well documented that the PM 8150 chip is dying and that it causes black screens, restart issues and phone not turning on.

Can't wait for the topic "Phone doesnt turn on, has to be a software issue!"

For those who are curious why his workaround works for the time being is simple. The more the power IC degrades, the less capable is it of holding stable voltages. So when doing mondane tasks or pushing the device to the limit will cause these restarts, much like when your VRM's on PC also cannot keep up no more. When you turn on xmode, then it will automaticly force the device to run in a sort of "turbo" mode, now this is known to push uneccecary amount of voltage to the chip, so having more unstable voltage won't cause a restart, however this does is accelerate the rate of which the power IC chip is dying and potentially even damaging the SoC due to even more unstable high voltage instead of lower voltage causing restarts, now if the SoC gets damaged, ASUS might not offer a free repair, replacing a cheap PM8150chip is no problem and it is for free from what I can gather on the forums, but replacing a high end SoC because of the stupidity of a user is a whole other problem.

So if you face restart issues, don't be stupid like OP, get it repaired instead of trying to kill your PM8150 entirely and the SoC along with it.

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Okay, I get that you have better info and explaination, but that tone could have been better.
@PhysiTech never suggested not to do "service repair". He just put out his observations and simply asked if someone can confirm that behaviour.
Technically this answer is the perfect "accepted" one. But not the language.
He had been polite to everyone bin thread and was taking part in "constructive" conversation, until this answer.
I get that there is chaos on this forum regarding this issue, but you can discount some based on general population, not on social platforms atleast.
Also sidenote: This workaround if verified to be effective, though not ideal, will help many of those who don't have service center accessible to lockdowns and travel logistics.
Let's keep it civil guys @Danishblunt & @PhysiTech