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PubG is lagging and it's more

Rising Star II
1. Nowadays pubG has started lagging heavily at hard drops in game .
2. If I turn on my screen recorder don't even ask about fps it drops like hell .
3. There was no proper gyroscope optimization until now which u guys said it would be fixed in future updates (thx).
4. Battery is not properly optimised there are too many drain issues which not only me but others are also facing .
I will ask u guys this question frankely what's the meaning of "GAMING PHONE" when it lags like all other phones (op7t, realmex2pro,Samsung S10........).
Is it because it has air triggers which I won't even use (6 finger user) or is it BCUZ of 120 hz display (mine always kept at 90 cuz there is not much difference from 90 hz to 120 hz except for battery drain).
U guys say it has 240 hz touch response which is not even usefull in pubG where there is always DESYNC happening.
U guys worked so much on other accessories instead of working on performance .
I will say this frankely "Apple won't even mention their phones as GAMING PHONES though they give top noch gaming performance in every gaming aspect .
I also heard on YouTube that u guys made a tie with ENTITY GAMING in INDIA . Did u guys see which devices they use " all members use iphone 11 or XR" infact all the competitive members use iphones . Check it 99% of COMPETATIVE players use iphones . Even if Apple won't say it I can easily say it as a GAMING PHONE . Their devices may have low mah battery , no headphone jack but for gamers what matters most is performance .
What I am trying to say is " IS ROG 2 A GAMING PHONE " cuz it has so much problems like an ordinary one plus phone .
Have u guys seen Nubia redmagic 3S it may suck in camera performance but it delivers perfect 60 fps even at hard drops it dosent lagg like Rog 2 does . If u guys won't trust me go check it out .
So what I am trying to say is insted of working on usless things pls work on performance as it is a gaming phone .
as for my final line "I am a big fan of ASUS ROG series cuz I have Rog motherboard and Asus Rog rtx 2060 graphics card " they deliver top noch performance for games ( CS: GO , Battlefield : Hardliners......) but I think u guys are spoiling name of ROG cuz of its normal performance as other devices deliver . Pls consider this.
DONT THINK IT NEGITIVELY but think it with calm mind u will understand it .
Thank You
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Rising Star II
This is my profile, before Season 12 update pubg lagged sometimes then after the update it became unplayable but PUBG fixed it. Now I never face any frame drops or lag even while I hotdrop.
I keep X mode always off. I play in HDR+Extreme (Anti-Aliasing ON). I sometimes also listen to music in background while playing.
I think there's something to do with temperature when I keep that to low or default there are some frame drops. But at high there's nothing but it reaches 45 degree easily and frame of the mobile becomes toasty as it is made up of metal, cannot even touch it without cover. Without cover it is too hot to touch the frame. It also depends on air around you 45 degree is when my home's ceiling fan is off and 42 degree when cieling fan is on.
While recording I have to turn on X mode and push CPU to 2.96 Ghz to play without frame drops.
And just one more thing to add is that Pubg is not optimised on Android as it is optimised on iOS. So, be it even SD865 there's a very high possibility you might sometime face frame drops, I know because I have seen this on every flagship from OP to Samsung, Realme, iqoo every Android phone struggles sometime. Not our hardware issue, it's developers issue.
Still, if you want the ultimate experience where the frame rate would only fluctuate between 58-60 fps, turn every setting to high and Xmode to ultimate, just beware it reaches 48 degree there, frame becomes cooking pan.

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"The bottom USB port on my Device doesn't work most of the time. I'm pretty sure it's a software issue ."

If phone temperature goes beyond acceptable levels (charging and playing at same time, for example), phone stops recharging. This is for phone and yours safety.

"+ The OEM cable, charges the phone really slow. I borrowed a usb-c cable of honor play, and now my phone is charging faster."

With Android 10 charging phone is much faster. I use my tablet charger, which in A9 fully recharged in 5 hours, now in A10 takes only 3 hours.

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I'm not talking about that safety feature..
The bottom port doesn't work even if the phone isn't hot/warm.
I tried changing the cable.. with Huawei and OnePlus .. even those cable don't work.. I'm pretty sure it's the bottom ports issue

Star I

You sound like an absolute joke mate

1. Not getting timely updates is an issue which I definitely acknowledge.

2. Camera being the least priority of this phone performs pretty good. Absolutely destroyed my low expectations . If you want any proof you can check the rog phone II photos section in zentalk

3.Both the USB ports work absolutely fine withe zero issues. Also the side port has much faster transfer rate .

4. Pubgm with armoury crate tweaks give 59-60fps with temp not exceeding 38° (2hr +continuous gameplay) even though I do not turn other ac. Smooth extreme ,anti aliasing on

5. Pubg Chinese game me avg 110 with peak 119 fps with ofcouree higher temps of 41°. Unfortunately I do not have the aeroactive cooler.

6. Charging speeds are definitely good as it's a 6000mah . Easy120hz always 60+brightness 10hr screentime.

An yes 100x better than any of the shitty redmi phones

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@sauravshanbhogue Seems like you are a fanboy..
I'm pretty sure I have been using Android since before you (HTC wildfire 2010) and have been doing mods since before you even heard about it.. So when it comes to knowing about Android, I'm pretty sure a fanboy like you doesn't need to show me arrogance..
Not every phone works the same.. some may work fine, some may not..
You either reply to my comment if you have a solution or if you are facing the same problem..
No need to act smart and get arrogant..
If you see, anders_asus has said that he knows about the bottom USB issue.. so that means there are some units with usb problem..

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Even after clearing the memory.. the OS is using 3.9GB of RAM with no background or foreground running apps..
Anyone who has any idea about how the RAM management is on Lineage OS?? And is there a way to use triggers in PUBG on Lineage OS??
Thanks in advance!

Star II

From my experience keep the X- mode "as system " cuz I know ultimate X mode makes some places very very smooth and heats phone very very much but it laggs very very much even more than other X- modes when there are enemy's but it keeps places without enemy's very very smooth .

Try using X- mode " as system " cuz it almost balences out everything like there will be significantly less lagg than ultimate when there are enemy's and it not as smooth as ultimate when there are no enemy's but it's smooth enough to play

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Bro yesterday I upgraded to A10. Now frame drops are occurring more frequently. Anyone having the same issue like me? What to do any suggestions?