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[PSA] Take caution - Tencent-branded Chinese models with "Global/International ROM"

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Hi all

We have come to notice there are resellers selling the so-called "Tencent ROG Phone II"-models for the Chinese market with "International ROM".

We would like to make clear that ASUS does not officially sell any Tencent-branded ROG Phone II with so called "International ROM" or "Global firmware".
We cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination , if you are facing any type of issues - please turn to your reseller where you bought this device - as this is is not a combination we are selling.

Please also take careful note that updates/FOTA functionality will be disabled since the ROM and the models dont match, some resellers note this in the fine-print.. some may not..

Extra info:
If you are seeing anything about a "Global ROM version" or "Tencent with Global/WW ROM" it would be a clear giveaway.
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Hi I have this phone and I don't know how to update to android 10


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Hello, I have the same version, I still cannot update. You could

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Tengo está version. (Tencent edition). Alguien me dice cuál es la forma correcta de actualizar? Si tengo que pasar de ww a con o no? Gracias

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Haha, this makes me laugh.
Asus also can't guarantee if you buy the UK model from the UK site, it will work in the UK. Even though their site says it will! Untill they realised they were wrong and took that incorrect information away.

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Wanted to let you guys who have the unsupported Tencent version know that since I Upgraded to Android 10 manually I have had Zero issues regarding network dropping. I hope everyone else has similar results. This is the software that I am on.

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Hello there, I bought mine from aliexpress, it has a tencent branding on the back of the glass, the phone is running on 12gb ram and 512gb room.
I also noticed that the aero cooler it came with has tencent written on it.