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[PSA] Take caution - Tencent-branded Chinese models with "Global/International ROM"

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Hi all

We have come to notice there are resellers selling the so-called "Tencent ROG Phone II"-models for the Chinese market with "International ROM".

We would like to make clear that ASUS does not officially sell any Tencent-branded ROG Phone II with so called "International ROM" or "Global firmware".
We cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination , if you are facing any type of issues - please turn to your reseller where you bought this device - as this is is not a combination we are selling.

Please also take careful note that updates/FOTA functionality will be disabled since the ROM and the models dont match, some resellers note this in the fine-print.. some may not..

Extra info:
If you are seeing anything about a "Global ROM version" or "Tencent with Global/WW ROM" it would be a clear giveaway.
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Can u login to google server with ur internet from ur simcard ?

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Hello dear friend, I got a tencent version, I was not adverted about the troubles it may cause, by the way, this is the only one I faced, I cant use google maps, youtube, or any google service with 4g, wi-fi works properly.

Its very frustrating, Im from Brazil, here we have the "same" version of 8/128 selling in the retail stores, but it costs 4 months of salary, like everything in this country...when a brazillian wants something, we need to search the cheapest way(off the local market), I paid like 60% of the price that is commercialized here, and havent seen any problem, I paid it in my lasts 3 iPhone, iPad and everything else...
So sad that is a "backyard remanufactured rubbish" that Asus allows to go to the market...
YES, they allowed it, because modifying a product and resell it is piracy, a company with that weigh name shouldn't turn the face to this problem and just say "sorry, you have been scammed, we cant do anything, bye bye, have a good time".

Anyway... I wanna know if is possible to fix this mess, if I change the fingerprint to ww, will it works!? HOW THE HELL COULD I USE YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE MAPS APPS?
Already cleaned the apps, factory reset, what else can I do?
My device failed in safety net, what it means????

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How do i fix it ?


Dear all, i HAVE CN version 8/128 which i was changed to WW Rom(WW-16.0631.1910.35) without any issues. Now questions is, i can't see my 5Ghz band on my router i able to see only 2.4Ghz. This phone doesn't support 5Ghz wifi?

Thank you

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Same issue need help


Hi, I just got the phone from local reseller, it is a tencent edition with 'global rom', the phone's hotspot cannot be connected, 4g cell to h+ while my oneplus 6 on same carrier get 4g(maybe because of carrier, idk) , reseller has no return policy. What can I do?

*edit: the phone came in a sealed box.


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By any chance the issue of your phone's network got fixed already? I'm currently facing the similar issue.

Hi recently I bought a Rog phone 2 12gb 512gb model no 1001db from amazon I couldn't update android 10 can anyone tell me why