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New update WW_17.0230.2002.32 PROBLEMS

Star I
With this new update i have noticed that when connected via USB-C to the Monitor/TV now, Tablet mode is missing (compared to OS-9) it only has Mirror and TwinDock Modes now where as before it had the 3 options.
The icon shape in Dev Options is gone now too, not fixed. I had it changed before this firmware with it doing nothing, but now with this update in place it has changed the shape to what i chose but the option to toggle the icon shape is missing/removed/gone so it can only be changed on the previous firmware and then take affect on this firmware with no changing back afterwards.
I am having sound/media issues. There is no sound in games and videos play like a slideshow. I have tried MX Player and the video plays (no sound) but only when i switch to HW+ mode. All this only happened after this update as i was playing a game perfectly fine with sound and media was working days before when i tried it last but this update has rendered my phone unusable.
SOLUTION TO THIS AUDIO BUG:- If ANYONE has this problem, you need to set your AudioWizard to 'Normal' as the Custom profile (& with anything else other then Normal for that matter) is causing this problem. Restart and select the Normal profile in the middle of all the freezing/force closing then restart again and you'll be good to go.