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New update 17.0240.2007.27 , one of the worst updates ever, Don't update your phones!!

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This update is the worst update ever. My phone is hot like a toaster. I can't even hold my phone for more than a minute since the update. The heat coming out of the phone is unbearable. Please fix it.

Don't update your phones guys. Don't.

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Can share how do we do it the manual way?

I have the firmware downloaded already FYI..

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Just place it in the root directory of internal storage and your phone should detect it. If not, give it a reboot and then it should detect.

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@josuellopes57 Try downloading the whole firmware through brazilian support site: . After download the file, copy to your phone root directory and restart it. Your phone should detect update file and start update process automatically.

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@gdalwaysforyou@gsanchez , tried the manual way.

Result still the same issue.. 🤦

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And my 0.02...
The only issue (that doesn't bother me at all...) that I have with this update is scrolling screen is not as smooth as it was before update. The only one issue. No heat, no battery, no nothing at all.
I installed through FOTA, by the way.

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FYI, I have reset my phone to factory default.

But still same issue persist. So don't waste time and effort doing it. I am regretting it. Waste my hours of time. Sigh.