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My phone lags a lot while playing pub g

I am very frustrated with this phone because in every classic matches my phone's frame drop Is so much.when enemy pushes with vehicle I cannot do anything because of the lag.pleasw anybody has solutions for this.

Zen Master I
Use these profiles,these are specifically modified for Pubg mobile,thare won't be any lags,there are two of them , perfomance and extreme mode,which you may choose

I tried both setting but it still has a lot of frame drop.Its not lagging but I have frame drop 35 40 fps .Very hard to play with this device.Does leaderboard has any solution please .

Community Legend III
@deewakar.khadka52 What's your in-game settings in PUBG?

Smooth extreme
Temp high
Cpu high
X mode extreme but also very high frame drop