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Lineage ROG2

Rising Star II
Has anyone tried this out yet for their phone? And does anyone know if their build will get A11?

Star III
Haven't tried but interested. If you do, like to know how it works & if cell service & messages & battery life remains good.
I haven't done any rooting/mods probably since early touchscreen phones came out, but when I did they either helped with phone functions or made service worse.

Rising Star II
Service and battery is greatly improved.

SOC is about 82 hours.

I am thinking of it, if I do I'll report back.

Community Legend I
Lineage for Rog 2 is maintained by Luca right? Development is still active?
And customs roms wouldn't have the rog features and armory crate right 🤔
Air triggers and all won't work too plus lineage is barebones compared to stock or other custom roms

Rising Star II
It is being developed by OrdenKrieger and yes dev is still active on the rom, recent update was just 4 days ago.
currently its a mixed bag, they have got refresh rates and VoLTE and VoWIFI working on it alongside other features but some aspects such as Air Triggers are still being ported. SOC has improved dramatically also, I only get about 8 hours from a full charge.
It seems promising since Asus did give out the phone to devs etc. Maybe once its matured (only 6 months old) then it might be worth going over too.
I was curious to ask because A11 seems a miss from ASUS and I have a gut feeling it'll go the same way as ROG 1, one major update then a year of "no info yet" from mods only to be told a year later that there will not be another os update. Hence me seeing if anyone here has tried it out and see whats missing at the moment. But it does seem given time that Lineage will contain most if not all features from stock.