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Is aptoide standard on rog phone 2?

Rising Star I
Is aptoide standard on rog phone 2? If so, delete it as fast as you can!
13th april 2020, aptoide was hackt and 20million usernames AND paswords where stolen.
Just today i had a warning sign of gmail, that someone Else used my is And password, but they stopt it, so i could choose to agree or not.
The site that keeps record of Every hacked site, and wat was stolen Sender me and email over the security breach.
The site is called You've been pwned!
You signed up for notifications when your account was pwned in a data breach and unfortunately, it's happened. Here's what's known about the breach:

Email found: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Breach: Aptoide
Date of breach: 13 Apr 2020
Number of accounts: 20,012,235
Compromised data: Browser user agent details, Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Passwords
Description: In April 2020, the independent Android app store Aptoide suffered a data breach. The incident resulted in the exposure of 20M customer records which were subsequently shared online via a popular hacking forum. Impacted data included email and IP addresses, names, IP addresses and passwords stored as SHA-1 hashes without a salt. and is free of use. You can check your email if it ever had been breached.