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Ghost touch, black frame beside the screen peeling off, unusable power button and more problems

Star II
i regret buying this mobile,
the power button is not working. its not clickable anymore. as of now im using the " Lift to check phone " in settings as a replacement to power button. its all because of the developers, the restart and shutdown screen appeared after holding the power button for long time it is not quick. i complained to devs before. they did nothing and the power button is gone now
the black frame on sides of the phone is peeling off, every day small black pieces of coating is falling off. its on my bed, my clothes, everywhere.
ghost touch started happening recently, when my hands are sweaty and i use the phone, the screen is going bonkers.
battery degradation - its started happening im using battery care since i bought the phone but still battery is draining fast
RED TINT - bcoz of this cant even able to watch movies in the dark the screen is pixelated the black part is alllooking like pixels an etc i tried 1080p videos, hdr videos etc.
also are we getting android 11 ? or is the development dead for this device ..?
u basically stole our ideas which we asked for rog 2 and gave them to rog 3. this is basically cheating. Sharam karo thoda.
where are the accent colors and icon shape settings in developer options and gesture support for 3rd party launchers ?
samsung is supporting gestures for 3rd party launchers. whats wrong with u ? also why did u remove ur own gestures ?
we demand all the rog 3 software features to be ported to rog2 if it was not that hard to do. 😡
i put my hard earned 40000 rupees in this.


Rising Star II

it cant be fixed unless u change the whole body

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Is that covered in warranty