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Enable feature in setting to create custom vibration pattern/Add vibration patterns for Notification

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Hi team,

Can you create feature in settings where we can create our own custom vibration pattern for notifications and stuff??
There are third party applications like Good Vibrations but these only help in using vibration along a single axis and then there is also permission issue for such apps. These 3 party apps have also stopped working recently due to google's changes in access to notifications
Can ASUS team create the functionality in the OS to be able to create custom vibrations patterns along all 3 axis.
This would really be appreciated.

If not possible, can you add more vibration patterns for notification as well as touch along 3 axis.
Right now we only have option to change vibration pattern during call

Awaiting response @Anders_ASUS

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I can forward your request to our devs. Thanks!

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Request to add the feature in next upgrade