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Dropping of Refresh rate Rog 2

Rising Star I phone is set on 90hz refresh rate.. but when i enter into settings or any app... Refresh rate drops down , may be less than 60hz , coz it feels very laggy...but after i restart my phone , again everything is buttery smooth... This happened 3- 4 times now, after the latest update. Please help.

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I can confirm this issue. In my opinion it's not the refresh rate changing but there are frame drops, it's very much noticible while scrolling through recent apps, but goes away with restart. I must mention I've changed animation speed in dev options.

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Yes same here, they go away with a restart. Slight stutters in recents, even in settings menu are there. I have set anim speed to 0.5x so that should not be the case on stock launcher. I use Nova as well and there is a distinct stutter in recent apps. I'm seeing these stutters on 90Hz and 120Hz as well. I have hard reset the phone twice, once after the June update and once during the first A10 update.

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Refresh Rate: Before restart

Refresh Rate: After restart

I mostly start facing this issue when my phone battery is around 30-35%. Please confirm with you all

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Does this happens only on phones whose developer mode is enabled . Please verify

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Is there any update on this issue?

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@griswaalt I'm still trying to collect logs from affected users. I'll post an update when I know more.