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Charging problem after latest update(April 18th or 19th 2020)

Star I
My ROG phone 2 keep disconnecting the charging. If I switch the adapter off from power supply off and switch on later, it still stays disconnected but when I replug from usb type c port on my device, it starts charging.
I know what you all will be saying, my phone's charging port has gone bad or something but here are few facts.
1) It stops charging exactly at 1 minute 15 seconds, I have measured it through stop watch 10 times, it is exactly this time when it disconnects.
2) I have moved the cable around a lot, to see if it is lose at connector, nothing happens. It never stops before or after 1:15 , exactly at 1:15.
3) I tried it on 2nd type c port too, gaming/landscape one. It is same, 1 minute 15 secs
4) It started happening right after I restarted the device after latest update install. I have to keep reconnecting it and charging it, I have reached 24% somehow. I can post screen recording of stop watch too, as many times you want if you don't believe.

Edit: I think I should mention that I am not using inbox charger, due to lockdown it is still at my hostel. But it was working perfectly fine with this inbox samsung charger of my dad's phone. It is normal 5v on 2A charger, and worked like a blessing till now. Please help me @asus @Titan_ASUS @kiki2014520kiki2014520
Edit: I have also discovered this new method, I turn the adapter off at 1 minute 10 seconds and switch it on again, it stops at 2 minute 25 seconds then, if I repeat it every 1 minute 10 sec I have to worry just a little less about my on device type c port.