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Calling issue

Star III
Hey,so i have been having calling issues and i thought it was because of bad network reception in my area but i went of city and the problem persisted.I rarely get 4g connect and mostly i get h while using data and everytime i try to call the call gets ended sometimes before connecting sometime after ringing once.This is a major problem i am facing please help me out.

Star III
Hey @Anders_ASUS, I don't have an issue with the talk about Volte yet... But do you know if any UK networks use Volte and if it works?
My understanding is not that great, but just interested to know what the situation is for UK users (BTW am with Virgin mobile UK and have no issues)

Rising Star I
Everyone talking about VoLTE. Can somebody give feedback on 2g/3g/gsm? If, someone says gsm quality depends entirely on carrier only, it seems wrong to me . I just tried my sim several times and several calls on a colleague's MI lower end phone. Its gsm call quality is far superior to my Samsung note 3. I am on Idea network in Pune, India. I will buy Rog phone 2, 512gb. Idea may have Volte here for asus but I am not sure. And in some places idea may not have Volte. Can anyone give feedback on experience on gsm call quality of ROG phone2?