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Wifi connection

Star I

i bought rog 8 pro 24/1TB

My wifi router is 2.4 G
My old ph Rog 3 is ok with the same router , in the same room( long range) but
my new ph rog8 pro is not ok, slow wifi speed in a long range 
I invited a person who bought rog 8 ( not pro) to my home and also use his ph rog 8 in the same place with my same router.
His ph rog 8 also not ok with wifi strength in a long range.
Then i tested another way
I share wifi hotspot (2.4g) of one android ph and
Two phones ( rog 3 and rog 8 pro) are connected to this same wifi hotspot but the results are different
Rog 3 can connect in a long range but rog 8 pro cant connect well 
Conclusion - i tested in two ways 
Router and wifi hotspot
I wanna know 
Are there any wifi connection problems in long range with rog 8 series phones??

Star I

Me pasa exactamente lo mismo, de lejos se pierde la señal, a escasos 5 metros.