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Rog Pro 8 Update

Rising Star II

@Mattias_ASUS  kindly share information about next update . We all are waiting for that cause it will decide our vision toward how Asus are respecting their customers.


Rising Star I

    I already sold my ROG 8 and bought Red Magic 9 Pro instead for this gen, I still love ROG Phone but this model is terrible for me such as Air Triggers and Speakers.

Still looking for next model (ROG 9)

What's abaout the air triggers and the speakers in the redmagic 9? I test the rog phone 8 vs a redmagic 5G and the triggers and speakers are superior. 

The Air Triggers on the RM9Pro are better and feel more like previous ROG models, and the speaker sound is more balanced left and right. This isn't like the ROG8's left speaker, which is louder and clearer than the right when used in landscape.

Rising Star II

@ZuuGAKz i also thinking to shift on iPad which is due to release in march. Before that i just want to experience one update on ROG 8 Pro.

If update unable to fix the triggers issue the i will never look back toward ASUS brand in future cause i am using it for past 6 year and they really disappointed me. This is my last phone if they will not able to fix issues.