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ROG Phone8 Pro wifi problem !! very slow than 3 yrs old phone

Star II

Hi , 

ROG Phone 8 pro edition !!!   have very slow wifi connection and stable 

please check when i just close the door , wifi signle drop to 50% - 80% ++  may be disconnected , compare other phone no drop or drop 5% 


please help support.


Mine is better stable no limit speed upto your router.

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Mine has wifi disconnection and speeds a slow compared to iPhone 15 pro max 



Star I

I hope I'm posting in the right place, this issue is absolutely not resolved for me. 

I'm on update .327, I have tried a full factory reset, and I have tried every combination of Wifi settings. I've tried using the dual band wifi function and the one that binds cell data to wifi, everything. I've tried my home wifi, work wifi, and wifi at a friend's house, all of which are higher than 200mb/s on other devices. I'm getting SpeedTest results that vary wildly from about 20mb/s to about 80mb/s, and when I actually download something I am sitting and waiting hours for it at like 3mb/s. Trying to play Warzone online multiplayer has my character constantly glitching around due to bad connection. 

I am going crazy. I spent 2300 Canadian dollars and the phone is getting slapped around by devices 5+ years older than it. Please help.