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Rog 8 not have Adaptive refresh rate?

Star I

does the ROG 8 not have adaptive refresh rate? I think the ROG 8 has an adaptive refresh rate because of the LTPO AMOLED screen type, but it doesn't work on my ROG 8. or because of a software bug? mine is always locked at 120Hz with auto settings


Rising Star I

It technically does, but it is very badly implemented.

I noticed that when using adaptive refresh rate, it would be 120hz on the main screen, and then 60hz in basically every app aside from games.

In all the time I tested, I think the only app that also used 120hz was twitter. Chrome, amazon, paypal, 9gag, instagram, firefox, even sometimes whatsapp and telegram did not use 120hz.

To get it I had to set it to 120hz manually in the refresh rate settings.

You might have the opposite problem

Rising Star I

Mine is 24 or 60 in all of my apps but System Preferences is locked to 120.

There's a lot of half-working software in the ROG 8.

Rising Star II

The screen does support it only from 120hz - 1hz. But its poorly implement.

Star II

Mine is :

120 in desktop/system, 

60 in whatsapp, YouTube, facebook etc

And 1 hz when screen off.