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Pubg trigger shoot problem

Star III

I have a problem with the phone Rog 8 pro, when I play PUBG and I want to shoot at the opponent, I only shoot 5-10 bullets and then it stops even though I keep my finger on the trigger... sometimes I can only move left-right half of the angle where I am, or sometimes the image flickers, what bothers me the most is that I can't shoot opponents, I give share location instead of eliminating my opponents, what is the problem? And how can I solve it?


Rising Star II

Its not your gaming skills problem. Problem is in the Triggers they are very bad. 

Just Hope it must be fix in the next Update.

Else Asus should resign from gaming gadget industry.

They are not respecting their customers just to earn more money from limited customer and competing with other brand like Apple.

If this is the case for upcoming year Asus will go down like Nokia.

I thought the game had problems... even though I have 16gb of ram and 512gb of memory, it's the rog 8 pro... they say it's the best gaming phone... I had the Asus Rog 7 and there were also serious problems after updating to android 14... I thought that the Asus Rog 8 Pro doesn't have such problems, but I notice that it does... I hope these problems are solved as quickly as possible... it's not a cheap phone... it's an expensive phone and I expect to receive something optimized...

Star III

I had the same problem. I already returned the phone and i did buy the older version.