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Improvements needed urgently

Star I

Just got a ROG phone 8 pro 24/1tb , overall it's been great, my only suggestion is to add an 80 or 90 Hz refresh rate option (just something above 60hz that stops games from dropping to 50~ fps but doesn't put too much pressure on the phone as much as 120hz), oh and also, fix the **bleep** motion controls, the last 2 motions aren't even shown entirely (they're cut off and wouldn't show up full) , and you can't even save the motion controls sensitivity( you can only test em lol) but that's about it, airtriggers, cooler buttons, everything else has been great, but please, address or fix my concerns as soon as you can though, oh and finally, some games' APK don't even work on android 15 yet, you have to get em on play store lol.