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Air trigger rog phone 8 problem

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Hi, I'm writing to ask for information, today I got the rog phone 8 pro, I'm trying the air triggers on Cod mobile but they seem bad, I don't get the touch all the time and it bothers me a lot. I had black Shark 4 and the triggers were great but the rest left something to be desired, then I switched to pocophone f4gt, not bad phone but the triggers were horrible then I decided to switch to rog phone 8, the phone is outstanding but the air triggers seem to me in worst among the 3 phones, is there any setting that can help me? Because it seems quite strange to me. Thanks


Well First of all, To emphasize your words, you don't need to paste it 4-5 times.
And if that is the case, not buying Rog 8 then.

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In my country I use a 14-day cooling-off period, which means that I will return my devicee


Hello @monro !
We have some recommendations regarding the new AirTriggers in this FAQ to make the experience better.

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Please use the game genie application when the game is on and activate the air trigger and or speaker buttons from there. Also you can change the sensitivity of the trigger mechanism by going into the tap settings.