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53C in phone while in bag

Star III

My phone reaches 53C while in my bag, the camera starts to record about 2 hours. Is it bad? 

Also what is the ideal temperature while gaming I always reach 40C - 43C, does this damages my phone ? what should I do to check if there is damages ?


Star III

As much as possible you wouldn't want your phone to reach 40C above... Because eventually you'll end up having your phone become deadboot which needs a reball to fix it... So I suggest to play with a cooling fan or if don't have one, play games in a cool environment like an air-conditioned room or facing an electric fan


Then put your brightness settings to half to prevent from having display burn... Like for my ROG 2 always on half brightness NEVER experienced AMOLED Burn


oh I see I don't have a cooler and a fan in my room but I do have AC even with an AC on the phone will reach 40C even a room temperature of 24C. How long does it take to damage the phone ? I've been playing for 38C - 43C temp in a month now everyday. I've also heard that old versionsROG phones are getting a deadboot. Its my first ROG phone and I need to rake care of it as much as possible. Also if I play warzone it heats to 45C the reason I stopped playing it. Im planning to buy a cooler but for now I've been saving. Btw can you share your warzone settings or you're playing with X mode?

For my ROG Phone 2 it took me 3years before I need to reball it

For the graphics for Warzone I would suggest to 60fps then medium graphics... Helps lower the phone temperature 

Then try to save for the cooling fan or look for a cheaper alternative like black shark or other brands as long as it has like a freezing cooler which helps a lot to lower the temp