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Split Screen bug - ROG Phone 7//Android 13

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Hello, There are currently some bugs in the split screen feature. If you exit split screen mod "incorrectly" (details below), there will be a skeleton of the opened app(s) in the recent menu. If it is one app, it just occludes the top 10% and is not that distracting, but when 2 apps are open and split screen is in view and you exit incorrectly, the skeleton of both the apps is stuck on the recents screens which blocks all view.
Note that you can always tap through the skeleton, it is a visual bug (but which can be very severe as it covers the whole screen). Only restarting fixes it for me.

Exiting split screen correctly: This applies to activating split screen correctly as well. If you choose one app and "split to top", it will minimize the chosen app as the first/top-half window and show it's skeleton on the top 10%, and open the recents screen for you to choose second app. You choose a second app and it splits the screen half between both these apps.

To exit split screen mode correctly, you NEED to drag either one of the apps all the way to the top or bottom.

"Incorrect": If you press back/home button when split screen (1 app) is enabled and you are at the recents screen (say you don't have whatever app you want to split screen in your recents) then you will be stuck with the 1 app "chooser" skeleton on your recents screen. 
As luck would have it, I could not find how to reproduce the full-screen covered bug, but I can show how it looked (last frame). But that is the reason I decided to post this thread as it was a very severe bug, practically impairing the whole recents screen.

[VIDEO ATTACHED]: Correct way, followed by Incorrect way and bug for 1-app split skeleton


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I've also been running into this issue and came here to see if anyone has said it or else I was prepared to bring it up. However, your supposed "correct" way is actually how I've encountered the bug so it is not a for sure way of avoiding it. At least in my experience. That said, resetting the phone is also the only way I've been able to fix it.

This may actually be an Android 13 issue and not exclusive to ASUS phones but regardless, it still needs addressed. I'va addressed a screenshot.


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That's interesting, so you mean that when already in split screen, by dragging one of the apps all the way to top/bottom, it bugs out?

What works in your experience? (because I've tried this multiple times and it always bugs out when I press recent/home button WHILE choosing a second app) 

Also, I think it's not an android 13 thing because of this video:

In this, around 0:40 he chooses split screen option, then around 1:00 presses home button while the second app chooser is active. Then goes back into recents menu around 1:10 and the visual bug we see is not present.