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Should i buy rog phone 7 or wait for variant

Star I

So i have been looking for a phone recently, i got an iphone xs currently and really want something with amazing battery. There are also a couple things im not happy about with rog 7. Such as no wireless charging aswell as relatively bad camera. Im hoping that they release a variant of the rog 7 like they did with the rog 6 and rog 6d. Do you guys think they will release one or should i just get the 7?


Star II

The iphone is very tightly controlled, if you are someone who wants to play emulators or get something more out from the phone ROG 7 should be one of a choice, however there's huge games like Resident Evil: Village etc releasing on IOS. There are pros and cons but as an iphone user for a long time i think you dont really own the device because i cant even install emulator on it, i felt as if i am renting the device from Apple.