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Lag, Stutters, Weird app crashes

Rising Star I

I recently bought a ROG 7 Ultimate in India. I am facing a lot of issues while playing tower defence games. Games like Defence Legends HD always stutter and skip 30-40 frames sometimes or more for that matter. Even youtube crashes sometimes leaving me with no other option to restart the phone via physical buttons.

I am open to the idea of installing an event logger and sharing the files with the devs. Kindly share download links and the protocols for registering such instances. I am beginning to believe that my unit is compromised in some way as i surely think the best android flagship should have more to offer than my previously owned ROG 2. 


Rising Star I

I have also switched from ROG 2 to ROG 7 (not ultimate). 

but both share the same bios and firmware.
Are you on the latest firmware "WW-33.0820.0810.208"?
and your armory crate version is this "Version"

not facing any of the issues you mentioned.

Firmware is updated to the latest one but armoury create is at Didn't see an option do update the app



download this and see if it solves your problem 

I did download the apk file and upgraded the armoury create yesterday. This morning while playing defence legends 4 hd the game went through bouts of lag and stutters. Sometimes even when there wasn't much traffic on the screen