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Join here for a downgrade request to Android 13

Rising Star II

Apparently, many of us have been suffering from different issues like overheating , fps drop, what's app crashes , and so on, on Android 14 build no 70 for over 3 months now. 

We need to be heard everyone! Join us here and submit your issues. It's better if more of us tell them about these problems, so they react faster and realize that it's not just individual phones, we all have these problems.

@JimiK  @llfranco17ll @papyus @shxz 

I kindly ask you @Mattias_ASUS do sth for all of us. Ask dev team to give us an option to downgrade because none of these updates not only solve our issues but also it happens to cause us more issues.



Star III

is it possibe to revert back to A13? because from what i read, the phone would be wiped clean... i think... correct me if i'm wrong.

and i dunno, if whatsapp crashing is a part of the update as well... coz now i'm unable to use whatsapp without it crashing every now and then


It's possible if Asus gives us an option and required files to manually downgrade to Android 13.  As far as I know , there is no way to revert back to android 13 unless you go to Asus service center and they might ( or not ) do that; Other than that , there is no way !

And yes I believe the phone will be wiped out completely.

The recent update build no 70 has caused all ROG phones 7 unable to use what's app which leads to a crash .

no way i would want my phone to be wiped... but they should do something about these instabilities

Apparently, they don't care about their customers issues at all.

I am also not comfortable with my device being wiped out but you see the performance and unstable fps is such a big problem that you have to risk that much at the very least.