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Join here for a downgrade request to Android 13

Rising Star II

Apparently, many of us have been suffering from different issues like overheating , fps drop, what's app crashes , and so on, on Android 14 build no 70 for over 3 months now. 

We need to be heard everyone! Join us here and submit your issues. It's better if more of us tell them about these problems, so they react faster and realize that it's not just individual phones, we all have these problems.

@JimiK  @llfranco17ll @papyus @shxz 

I kindly ask you @Mattias_ASUS do sth for all of us. Ask dev team to give us an option to downgrade because none of these updates not only solve our issues but also it happens to cause us more issues.



Rising Star I

you will immediately fix the following bug, unstable performance, high overheating and other mentioned errors, what is written here, we urge you to react immediately, with this style, asus in the mobile sphere will have a **bleep**phone name for a long time, immediately fix what should have been fixed a long time ago, if you intend to continue to ignore , so I urge everyone not to buy even a sock from Asus, let this company go bankrupt, I trusted them, but they are worse than Nubia, with the rog 8 model, they made such a mess that they should sell the mobile segment, Nubia would have handled it much better and faster ,than this joke, immediately respond to complaints, questions and respond to the devs 24/7 so that a big patch update will come by the end of the week that will fix the overheating, unstable performance immediately, all you've done is make people mad at you, so be it the possibility to switch to the A13 in between but not immediately then but now now,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Mattias_ASUS  !!!!!!

It's been almost over a month and no one cares man ! I have been trying to find out a way to downgrade but damnnn no luck so far. Asus has given us no choice 🤦 Because of the overheating I had to turn my phone off and switch to my old Google Pixel 4 XL. 

My friend asked for laptop recommendation for buying and I successfully saved him from buying Asus.

I will buy any other brand but not Asus after seeing their after sales service.

I agree full with @jirk223  this is the only fix I won't buy an Asus product anymore boycot to this poor optimized and bad support brand named Asus they intentionally break your phone with new firmware updates so people buy the newer model, if they don't fix this BS update fast I willl move over to Nubia and never look back to this joke of a device provide us the **bleep** A13 downgrade or face the consequences everytime I say to people on discord is use an Asus ROG phone 7 they laugh their A@# out and saying Asus is a joke unstable software gaming phone unoptimized for the price they ask you can better use an Nubia and now I think **bleep** they are so right this android 14 update downgraded my game performance by 70%

Rising Star I

Let's all make an legal complaint Asus is scamming their customers doing nothing about our problems Asus is a joke I buy an Samsung no more asus for me greedy sons of bi@#€s