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Is the Rog ultimate 7 worth it?

Star I

I have been wanting to buy a phone and I have been thinking about the Rog phone. I will mainly use the phone either social media e.g Instagram or Tik tok and gaming. I read that a lot of people have been having problems with it. So is it actually worth buying it or should i buy another phone.


Star III

If will buy ROG 7 for the ff reasons:

* You dont mind spending some money or have cash to spare

* You are a ROG fanboy

* If ROG has functionalities that you cant live with.

I picked ROG 7 U, upgrading from RoG classic because mainly of points 2 and 3. effective bypass charging enables me to play for hours without worrying about my battery degrading overtime. My ROG 3 still has a rock solid battery even after 3yrs. I also have the Asus Professional Dock (also had the ROG desktop dock but it is now incompatible with the ROG 7) which lets me connect a KB and mouse and the game does not detect that i am using them. Air triggers on the phone and the Aerocooler is very functional and responsive. And the speakers from the ROG 7 U is very good compared with my old ROG 3 and even my wife's New Iphone.