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I wants to buy mobile form pakistan

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Dear Asus, I want to buy a Rog mobile phone I have not found your marketing team here in Pakistan so Jyst I wants to buy a mobile phone if you need any kind of help to establish a business in Pakistan so I can help you. so please I am looking forward to your response.


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You want to buy the phone since there is no marketing team in Pakistan but at the same time you want to help sell Asus Phones in Pakistan as part as an affiliate partner. Which one is it? Sounds like a scam to me. In Pakistan you can buy the global version from China if just seeking to purchase the phone

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I don't see any scam in his request and on the other hand your answer looks like it in addition to being particularly stupid (to be polite)
Buying the least reliable smartphone on the world market, in China without any manufacturer warranty, without having all the 4G and 5G bands in 80% of cases, having a hassle with each manual firmware update, you have to be particularly stupid.

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Community Manager
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