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Rising Star I

I got downgraded when I sent over my phone to RMA I specifically asked for a rollback to android 13 and they finally listened they didnt sent me the downgrade file or anything like that but they did it when my phone was broke and they repaired it and I excessively asked for a roll back to android 13 and they did it so I hope this will be a help for the rest of you to do the same. @snowdance @Sam1991 


Rising Star II

Hey , awesome!

I'm gonna send it to RMA for a downgrade since nobody listens ! Then I'm gonna sell my phone and forget Asus forever. Not to mention, my lawyer drafted a lawsuit as well.

Nice going my brother you did good and don't forget to call Asus after RMA received your phone you will be noted when they received it call Asus about your phone and say to them that you want a rollback to android 13 and that Asus need to sent a notification mail to RMA that they need to roll it back to android 13 aswell that's how I did it after my phone call Asus sent the msg to RMA and I received my phone today and android 13 fixed my issues now my phone is fully functional again I am happy 

Thanks for the hint pal.

No problem I want to help as much victims of Asus as possible