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GPU always 0

Star I

Hi everyone!

My phone always have 0% in GPU, in all my games. When i restart (restart 2 times, i don't know why) the phone, works a few minutes normal and then 0% again 

Asus rog phone 7 12gb/256gb tencent games version



Greetings from Chile 





Here is 2 following points to confirm with you

1. Do you manually install WW firmware into tencent games version by yourself ?

2. Recommend updating the ns egg gpu driver to the latest version, and go to the relevant forum for reference.

Thank you !

1. Its a new phone, from stock CN version with WW firmware. Never update (i read the latest firmwares are worst)

2. Not only Egg ns works 0% GPU, included emulators like psp, ps2, 3ds and android games from playstore. All games and emulators are updates

Just mark 0% GPU and the graphics works bad in that apps. The phone buy almost 2 months ago. Really dissapoint


1. It is unusual for a new CN phone to have WW firmware built in

2.Would you pls try to use yuzu eumlator to execute games ? 

    I tested yuzu and found it to be fine. Thank you.


 you don't read my post...not only egg ns GPU in 0%, aetherPs2, citra emulator, PPSSPP, and android games doesn't work the GPU, I can't upload another screenshot because only allowed 1 picture. Just 0% GPU