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Ethernet doesn't work

Star III

I connected my ethernet cable to a usb c adapter but it doesn't provide internet. It works on all other phones I have tested but not my ROG 7. Does it not work for anyone or is there a setting I'm missing?


Star II

Do a factory reset and try again. Maybe it will fix it. I think the problem may be with Android 14, because with 13 I have no problems with it, and I play only with wired connection. If it will continue, then I would report it to customer service 

I'm not factory resetting to fix it but thanks. It shouldn't ever break in the first place and also I don't need it, I was just testing it. Nice to know it works on a13.

Rising Star I

It works but the side port doesn't make good connections.

I am also facing the same problem, have you found a solution to this?