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ASUS ROG phone 7 Ultimate MMS not working

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I just purchased my ROG 7 Ultimate and switched from my old OnePlus phone. The ROG 7 has been problematic with networking particularly MMS which haven't been working ever. I've been looking for a solution for this problem and tried every trick sofar with no avail.

The MMS settings seem fine and identical to the OnePlus phone and when I put the SIM back in the old phone MMS work just fine.

Has this problem been reported? Or is it only my device? How can I contact ASUS technical support from Australia I purchased the phone directly from ASUS ROG store on AliExpress and I don't think they'll do much. 


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it's worrying when a smartphone can't perform the old basic operations that have existed since mobile phones were just phones with cameras. i never had this problem until i bought an asus rog2, a solid phone for me and still my current phone. my guess is that the asus messaging app is rubbish, i solved the problem with mms by installing the google "messages" app.


Hey @CaxXxmoo,
Can you please clarify the following information-

  • Name of your network operator
  • Have you tried using another SIM card? Do other network operators work fine on your phone?

Please try to delete "Truecaller" and send MMS via Google Message to check if the issue persists. Also can you please send a screenshot of APN settings?

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS ,

Thank you for your reply, I have tried two Sim cards on AldiMobile and Optus networks. Both aren't working and as I have mentioned I have reset the phone already without installing any apps I tried to send MMS on the preloaded messages app but it's not sending or receiving. The SIM cards are working fine in the other old devices.

Hey @CaxXxmoo,

Could you please try the following:

1. Delete all APNs and re-insert SIM and then check if the issue persists
2. Provide a screenshot of APN settings
3. If the issue persists, please share a log file and a video.

Please follow the below steps to enable the built-in log tool (Bug reporter):

1. Screen recording activated,
2. Enable the logging tool  by opening the “Calculator APP” and entering “.19595+=” 
3. Select the Phone, mobile networks, and signal
4. Enable flight mode for 5 seconds
5. Disable flight mode
6. Reproduce the issue
7. Delete APN settings
8. Reject SIM cards and then insert SIM cards
9. Go to APN settings to have a look
10. Reproduce the issue again
11. Share the log