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Asus Rog phone 7 ( android 14 )

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Hi all . I apologize for my English...since I live in Sweden (I know Swedish) I am writing through a translator.

1 question . I can't become a participant for Android 14 test...I don't understand why? what is your reason?

Question 2. if the horn fon 8 already comes with android 14...then why is there no android 14 on the Asus horn fon 7 (in the update)

Question 3. How can I get Android 14 on my horn 7? if I am not accepted into the test program...and without explanation.


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I think u should allowed all permission for asus and android to collect data from the first time. But i dont know exactly. I am rog 6. I not interested in beta version. Just waiting for android 14 and firmware update. 


Hello and thanks for your questions @uckpa 

1- Applying for the Android 14 test does not automatically secure a spot in the beta, a very limited amount of users are chosen every time.

2- Android 14 needs to be tested in each device due to different configurations, that's why it takes some companies months to get out an OS update to the phones, because they want to ensure that it works specifically for that device and not only copy-paste it.
3- As mentioned above, the Android 14 Preview is a beta test and only a limited amount of users are selected, the full version of Android 14 will be released at a later date for all the ROG 7 devices.

2- t was strangely logical to release an update of the ACS)) the old models are rog 7-6 or 5, because they came out a long time ago))) and here the horn 8 comes out with a ready-made Android 14))) where is the logic?)

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Thanks everyone for answering my questions. you can help ?) where is the setting? when they call me... and I don’t answer... I get a message about missed calls... I don’t understand how to turn it off... I’m crawling on the phone