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7 ultimate questions

Star I

I just received my phone 7 ultimate and I've got some questions.

On the back of the phone there's a black square near the lock button, I can't figure out this is? If you tap it it kind of rattles making me think it's something movable? I can't find anything in the manual about it.

Is there meant to be a dust cover provided for the side charge port like there was on the phone 5?

Is there another place to get some custome themes that include rear display animations?


Star III

That square is your phone radiator

Star II

1- the black square is called the aeroactive portal, which can open up when connecting the aeroactive cooler 7, and help dissipate heat better. You can also make it open for cleaning purposes using the armory crate app.

2- the phone has ingress protection rating of 54, so it's by default dust resistant, but it doesn't come with any cover for any of the USB ports or headphone jack.

3- the only place for themes I am aware of for full themes is the included themes app. However, there's an ROG forum that hosts a suite if rear display animations, and you can download the ones on ROG connect until it shuts down sometime soon, and you can create your own as well if you wish.