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Convert Rog phone 6D back to CN

Star II

Hello everyone,

I recently switched my ASUS ROG Phone 6D from the CN (China) version to the WW (Worldwide) version using a file I found on needRomDOTcom. However, I now wish to revert it to the CN version, and unfortunately, I couldn't find a CN firmware file on the website. It's important to note that I haven't unlocked the bootloader.

I'm curious about the possibility of using an OTA (Over-The-Air) update to switch back to the CN version, but I'm unsure if this would work.

Could someone kindly provide me with a reliable link to download the CN raw firmware file so that I can revert my phone to the original CN version?

Or any other solution please?



Hello, we do not provide this service. When a region is changed the warranty is voided.

Even if the bootloader is still locked ? Because it is. I'm stuck at this version now because unlock tool is still in maintenance.

Like, can i just get the raw please?? 

If there was an asus service center here, i swear i'd go there.

i was also considering installing the WW version. Why do you want to revert?

I just wanted to get OTA updates. I was stuck in the version 33.0404.1203.86 and could not update since flash tool is unavailable