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Touch problem in games

Rising Star I
  • ROG6
  • All A13 firmwares
  • Rooted
  • All time in games

Dear Asus, you have problems with pulling up the touch in games on all A13 firmware, including A13.157.

I play PUBG Mobile and have problems with moving my finger across the screen - the picture twitches, including if you just put your finger and don't move. It feels like the sensor is trying to engage a lot of touches on one finger pad. I have been experiencing this problem for six months since the release of A13.

Therefore, every time I have to roll back to A12.241 - the sensor works perfectly on this firmware and I enjoy the game.

Please pay attention and correct, thanks. I'm attaching a screen recording to A13.157


Rising Star I


I did a full reset via Recovery, the sensor jitter is gone. I will continue testing

Star I

"Good evening, I'm going through the same issue as you! Apparently, it's some glitch in Android 13 that they haven't fixed yet! Could you help me by sending the downgrade file to Android 12? I've been unable to play PUBG Mobile!

My email is filipe  fvl @gmail. .com!! (without spaces). It can be the download link via Google Drive or any other platform. I'm already grateful in advance!!

Star I

I had this shaking problem at one moment in PUBG Mobile also, and I found where this problem comes from, I had configured the Mode-X with a touch sensitivity +2 I come back to the default value which is 0 and everything works perfectly.

Hi, I rolled back to A12.241. Everything is great. On A13 I experimented with all the sensitivity settings and did not come to success