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Tips for a new rog phone 6 user

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
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not rooted
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My rog phone 6 just arrived today. Some tips that you can give a new phone user like the best settings for armory crate, etc some basic stuff that a new rog phone 6 user doesn't know. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone

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Die yes after charging overnight, several cases already, same for the Photo module (change of colors, image flipped and click sound when triggered)

It's still not as systematic a defect as the failures of ROG 5 and ZF8, the worst on this model are the last two firmwares, not the hardware, at least if you avoid putting it in trouser pockets.

I believe that the .160 does not have the Audio problems yet, anyway, it's too late once downloaded, he has modified a file which tells him to finalize the update on reboot.

Remove your WiFi before rebooting otherwise it will also download the next one, you will reactivate the wifi after telling it not to update.

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Ok. Yeah, I had to install the .160 firmware update but after that, I selected to do updates only manually. No sound problems for now. Also, I did some photos with the camera and had no problems at all. No change of colors, nothing out of space or abnormal. I did 30-40 photos and everything seems to work just fine. Will see about the overnight charging.Thanks for all the tips man and sorry for taking minutes from your free time. Happy Holidays together with your family. Stay safe there.

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Best tip? Return it for a brand that actually puts effort into giving it's customers a good experience. Go Samsung, Google, or Sony.

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Best tip is to return it ASAP while you have the chance. Got 2weeks or something to return an online purchase when not happy. Do it before you loose allot of money trying reselling this thing

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return it and buy proper phone or if u can wait, buy gen2 phone

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