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ROG 6 Purchase Advice Please

Star I

Hi All,

Looked at some of the posts here (some horror stories too), but I wanted to ask for some advice. I have a Pixel 7, but am bored of it, and not sure it is worth upgrading based on the leaks of the P8.

I don't really game (other than Threes!), but have did have a pre-order for the Analogue Pocket (which I ended up cancelling) meaning that I would like to do some light retro gaming.

Mainly use a phone for doomscrolling, news, messaging and music.

I'm interested in the ROG 6 (it's on offer in the UK) because I thought having two USB C ports would be useful for a DAC and to charge, and the 3.5mm headphone jack would be useful while out and about for IEMs.

I use a camera very lightly, mainly to just take photos of the family.

Is the camera good enough for normal people? And is the headphone jack any good?


Star III

Skip the RoG 6, you'll thank me later. Motherboard of my RoG6 was replaced twice in less than a year.