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Rog 6 latest update 34.0210.0210.267 air trigger fixed

Star I

After updated the new firmware my air trigger no more auto release when pressing it, satisfying ~~


How about the issue on main camera? Opening camera app freeze then ticking sounds, negative colors, upside down. This happens since I upgraded to android 13 I upgraded to android 14 and the issue still not resolved.
I tested the camera thru SMMI, when I click the main camera it open the front cam.

I'm having a doubt about upgrading to the latest version. This unit gave me a headache

Additional issue is battery drains fast. I cleared the memory and close all the apps and turn to durable mode before going to bed 6 hrs of idle mode and it consumed 20% of batt.

@ILOVEJUICE  This was acknowledged to be a hardware failure, please reach out to your closest ASUS Service Center

Salve @Mattias_ASUS 

Io ho problema con il mio rogphone 5s i trigger non rispondono a volte funzionano per qualche ora a volte no ho fatto di tutto togliere le cache da game genie, armourycrate, resettarlo ai dati di fabbrica ma il problema persiste, Questo aggiornamento di cui state parlando vale anche per 5s o solo per rog 6? Perché purtroppo non mi esce.

Scusa il disturbo ma sto disperato