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Rog 6 issues

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Are the issues that most Rog phone series had before are still happening on Rog 6 ? Like motherboard dead issues on Rog 3 and 5, my last device was Rog 3 (12+256GB) which died just a day before my warranty and it was a very bad experience for me. So after a very long time i am planning to buy Rog again but this time with 8 gen 2, so any moderators can atleast give me a hint on like within which months we can expect Rog 7 with 8 gen 2 , so that i can wait and buy what's best available in India.

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Hi Raiden,
Commenting on the ROG Phone 6, I feel as if you are on the forums and over social media and can make out. Again, there will be people who will only come to these platforms if they come across any major service challenges.
Now commenting about ROG Phone 7, Can't deny or accept the timeline but yes something will surely be in the works as this year as well.

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I thought it happened with me only. I don't know the solution and I hope someone will reply to me over here.

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Community Manager
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