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Rog 6 camera issue fix from my friend

Rising Star II

For those who have camera issues, i just got info from my friend..
He said try to turn off camera n mic access from quick setting then restart..
Just dont force to open n use camera or ur phone will restart or even worse bootloop..

I cant make validation of his methods since i dont have rog 6, n his phone still fine until now so he cant retry..

He said at first he open camera but so laggy n then force closed..
Try to open camera on whatsapp n force closed too..
Then his friend sent chat on whatsapp, he felt too lazy to type so he tried to send voicenote but force closed too..

Then he tried to open camera app, which is laggy n then app not responding window comes out, he choose to wait..
Camera opened, he tried to make a vid, but recorded vid has no voice..
He tried to call his friend n his friend said he cant hear him..

He already knows rog 6 common prob is camera, but now he know his mic got a prob too..
Then he looks how to turn off mic n found it on quick setting..
He turned it off n on mic n camera access, restart his phone, n now all that prob is gone, still works fine until now..

Take it wit a grain of salt tho, but i think it still worth to try..


Mine is also the same version but still front camera switcher missing 

Cant Believe this actually Worked XD
tried it real fast and the button is Back... 
So open the camera app, disable microphone access in the quick settings and then simply restart.

Star III

It seemed to work, but it was an illusion.
This method didn't help me solve the problem at all.

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I have ported to a new device with AOSP experience, most of them are recorded in dmesg if hardware errors occur.

The only way to view this record is to root.
You have to run the "adb shell su -c dmesg" command, but there's no way because the ASUS has blocked the boot loader unlocked.

What can be done from the user's point of view is to collect logs with log tools that can be used in the calculator app.

In fact, if you become a kernel panic due to the hardware fail in Android Kernel, the screen will stop or reboot in the infinite boot loader (depending on the kernel settings).

But now ROG Phone 6 has been successful in booting by trying to reboot several times due to boot failure.
If it's a hardware problem, you shouldn't boot, which means that you failed to boot due to software problems.

To solve this hypothesis, we need to root and analyze all logs and files fundamentally, but as shown above, ASUS has blocked the boot loader unlocked, so there is no more way.

Good luck rog phone 6 users


Star II

Same problem, i want my camera back. i stopped all camera access. Now working but if i restart my phone. issue start again.