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Rog 6 android 12 firmware

Star II

Can anyone share the first release build firmware android 12 for rog 6 global version?  Please i just hate how android 13 perform on my rog 6, battery get worse and playing game sometime get spike lag 


Hey not sure if you will see this as its been awhile but just to confirm, this is a Android 12 download? And also does downgrading still work? i've done it before but after reading some comments i see some people not being able to do it?


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Check the install guide

Its added in the post

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Best firmware is the last firmware

But only with OTA available

See picture for build version


There has no download Release

I have a system update 33.0610.2810.172. DO you think I should do it or it will get my phone worse

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I cant say yes or no

My system is on 166

Its the first firmware without any trouble

I stop updates now

I think better is not possible