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Phone calls issue

Star III

Model Name: ROG phone 6

Firmware Version: WW-------------157

Rooted or not: not

Frequency of Occurrence: always

Hello guys, 

After android 14 update , when someone calls me , i cant hear that person anymore. I must switch to watch and again to phone speaker to be ok. What is the problem guys ? Because phone is not working ok after this update.. please solve it.



Hi @BoGdAnRaX 
Switch to watch? Do you wear a smartwatch? Does this happen only in normal calls? or does this happen in other apps too?

Hello again Mattias, hope you are good,
Yes i have connected my smartwatch Huaweii GT2 , and before this update , everything was normal. Now when i answer to a phonecall , i cant hear the other person, but it seems the other person hear me. And i must switch to bluetooth and after to phone again and it works. 
But i said , this kind of issue wasnt before this system update.


Hello and thanks for the information, we recently released the update 34.0210.0210.241, have you tried updating?

I have the latest version .241