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Missing WI-FI Calling??

Star II
Model Name: ROG Phone 6 Pro
Firmware Version: 32.2810.2209.197
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Steady
Hello all,
I got my phone on Friday (October 7th, 2022) and noticed that I couldn't use Wi-Fi Calling. This was immediately apparent because I live in the middle of nowhere and we just don't get any mobile signal. I thought this was some kind of error and upon researching online decided to take it to the TMobile store to verify that everything was properly unlocked. They said it was and that it was something on Asus's end. After talking with TWO Asus agents and trying to download firmware, the second finally said they had just realized that this phone in particular doesn't have the HARDWARE TO SUPPORT Wi-Fi Calling.
Someone, please tell me that isn't the case. I am at an ABSOLUTE loss that a $1300 PHONE doesn't come with Wi-Fi Calling. That is such a basic function and so important for rural people like me. Without this function, this phone is just unusable.

Community Legend I
If there is a smartphone not to buy, or rather a brand because it's the same for ZenPhones, it's Asus if you need VoWifi and VoLTE.
Indicate the Country, Tmobile is present in several countries and there are countries where it works
If you are within a time frame where you can get your phone reimbursed, don't hesitate, otherwise you are good to buy a second smartphone listed at TMobile as compatible while waiting for ASUS to stop taking us for idiots with the activation of this feature.
it's been more than 16 months that I have a Rog5 and knowledge with ZF8, 16 months of promises that asus is in discussion with Orange France, the 1st mobile operator here and that it does not work.
It's the same for many countries on all continents with a multitude of operators, each ASUS phone page has several user cases with the same problem, very rare or it has been functional with a new firmware.
Type VoWifi or VoLTE in the Zentalk search, you will have an overview of the number of identical cases, for the most part "Close" without answer.

Star III
It's partially on ASUS but equally much, if not more, on the operator.
Some operators let any phone use it if the manufacturer has it enabled. Others refuse until they have certified the specific device. This can mean that ROG Phone 5 could work if certified, but not ROG Phone 6 if not certified separately.

I have both options available and addj use, even with an MVNO in my country that doesn't really certify devices.

So make sure the operator let any phone use it and doesn't have partial blocking or they have certified it. It's also common for the average store/support (1st line), to not know if the operator blocks phones. Have experienced this first hand in several countries.

Community Legend I
that's why I ask the country, Tmobile has certified the Rog6 for the USA, but not all the countries where they are present.
The availability of VoWifi also depends on the packages
When it comes to certification, no, it doesn't depend on the operator any more than it does on Asus, you should know that WoWifi is billed like a telephone call for non-unlimited packages and/or calls abroad, that's one of the reasons that the 2 need to work together to make WoWifi available, if an operator does not validate the duration and the data to invoice the customer he will not activate the WoWifi for the device, duration and volume must be identical in the operator and on the ROG6
Companies are not philanthropists, it happened that Orange needed my company to validate a service and vice versa, it had a cost. so if this validation is chargeable, look no further on this slow validation, it can only be that or a bug, in 2022 it is not a technical impossibility, except for ASUS of course.

For the speed of Asus collaboration, here is an example of a message from June 2021, 2 generations of smartphone later it is at the same point.

My personal case, with Orange, no VoLTE/VoWifi, same with Free, received an SMS from Free to confirm that VoLTE/WoWIFI was active on my plan, since October 2021, relaunch in January, ASUS is silent or rather they are working on it , the duration of childbirth is longer than in elephants.

Star II
I'm in the US so the ROG 6 should be fully unlocked and VoWifi is part of my plan for TMobile. They, TMobile, even took my sim out and put it in another phone to show VoWifi worked just fine. This is solely on Asus and it's absolutely unacceptable. I am and have always been a gamer and I understand what they are trying to do with this type of phone. I was so excited and sadly I love many things about this phone, but this is just a deal breaker. "It's a gaming phone" is NO excuse to blatantly disregard basic phone technology that has been around for decades. Especially when it's so VITALLY important to some users. The Asus agent said it was an "inconvenience", no the lack of wireless charging on the pro is an inconvenience. Unless you have a constant mobile signal, this completely takes away the phone aspect and makes it UNUSABLE. Are you reading this ASUS? UNUSABLE! I'm going to have to send this phone back all because your engineers deemed this a non-essential function. A $1300 phone with no Wifi Calling... Seriously guys, great job discriminating against literally every person out there that lives in a rural area.