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Missing 50M camera on ROG 6

Star II

I recently noticed that the 50M camera on my ROG 6 has mysteriously disappeared. It was working perfectly fine before, but now I can't find it anywhere in the camera settings. Unfortunately, the other cameras on ROG 6 have poor quality, making them unusable. Any suggestions?



Maybe an update broke it or so, it's not like youll miss the mode anyways because its still just 12.5MP just cut into 4 parts to fake a 50mp resolution. That's also why you see no detail improvement from 50mp to 12.5mp.

Hey @TomKaiRoiMak,
I'd suggest you try to clear the cache and storage of the camera app and try to test it in safe mode.
To enter the safe mode, long press the power key to make the "power button menu" appear > Tap and hold "Power Off" > Tap "OK" to enter safe mode

It worked, but I'll wait another day or two to see if there will be any more issues like this. Thank you so much for helping me.

It seems like the method you suggested only worked temporarily. The same problem has resurfaced again. I tried following your instructions once more, but it didn't yield any results. I'm starting to get tired of dealing with this problem. Is there any other way to solve this problem?